Have A Little Faith

Whose ever had someone encourage you with the cliché, “have a little faith?” Such token sayings are bizarre when you consider what they imply. For instance, “have a little faith,” sounds like faith is something easy to come by and simple to keep in your grasp. But is it really? I believe faith is a … Continue reading Have A Little Faith

Cathing Life

If we’re Facebook friends or you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my post about Sailor throwing up in the car on the way to ATL. Yep. It was a fun as it sounds. Thankfully, my dad came to ATL to keep her while we went to the hospital for the cystogram. … Continue reading Cathing Life

I Will Give You Rest

Phew. Time for an update? So, we ended up coming back to Birmingham this past Sunday, which has turned out to be a good decision for multiple reasons. First, it has been good to see our friends and hear how you have been praying for us. Really that has given me the boosts I’ve needed … Continue reading I Will Give You Rest

A Very Present Help

I haven’t had clear thoughts to put down, which is why Rob so kindly wrote the last blog. It’s possible I still don’t have any linear thoughts, but we’ll see what happens. Our sleep has improved since we left the hospital. Maple slept more than 14 hours the first night home! I am grateful for … Continue reading A Very Present Help